Council for Dredging Marine and Construction Safety

Welcome to the website for the Council for Dredging & Marine Construction Safety (“CDMCS”).

This website provides educational information designed to advance the safety, health and environmental aspects of operations involving dredging and marine construction.

The CDMCS represents a joint effort of the dredging and marine construction industry to collectively improve Industry safety standards. CDMCS is a leader in safety with a diverse membership supporting the nation’s economy and well being of workers nationwide.

Our goal is to establish a coordinated environment fostering communication, information-sharing, and coordination in order to raise awareness about marine safety.

CDMCS & Industry News

Safety Posters


Safety Week 2015

The CDMCS is pleased to be an Alliance Partner in presenting Safety Week 2015, May3rd-9th. We encourage all of our members' participation in bringing safety awareness and consistent standards to the dredging and construction industries. Please visit for more information about this universal initiative and participation.

Safety Posters

Want to have printable reminders? Check our Safety Posters!

Membership in CDMCS is open to all construction contractors, labor unions, Federal Agencies, safety professionals and trade associations. As a participating member, you have access to the best safety, health and environmental practices for marine construction. As a member, you will be able to access member generated toolbox topics, safety checklists, and lessons learned publications.

To learn more about membership and to apply, click here.

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